Synchronizing data bidirectionally, even offline and from mobile devices, is no longer a problem with GlueSync

GlueSync is the innovative connector developed for Couchbase that allows to replicate data to and from Microsoft SQL Server.
The connector integrates natively with the database engine of your ERP, MES or CRM without the need for special software developments and transfers the information to Couchbase in a bidirectional way.

GlueSync strenghts

GlueSync 2 way sync capability


GlueSync real-time data sync capability


GlueSync mobile-ready capability


GlueSync offline data capability


GlueSync open-source approach


GlueSync backendless approach


GlueSync source code availability


GlueSync multi-dimensional scaling capability


GlueSync agile-ready approach


GlueSync on-cloud and on-premise capability


Short delivery times, foreseeable costs, no changes to the source code and zero downtime

Almost all ERPs are not mobile-oriented and being proprietary systems they do not allow modification of their source code to implement new features or APIs. In order to access the data and make it available in an app, the mandatory solution is to contact the vendor, who will propose a custom integration project that will require long development times and costs that are not always foreseeable. This approach usually takes the time, could present bugs and does not make data available offline for mobile app users. In addition, in most cases, the export and import of data to the ERP is done through scheduled jobs and this could affect business performance.

Gluesync: The solution designed for software houses and system integrators

MobileBridge is a Couchbase partner, who knows the problems related to application synchronization well. For this reason, it has developed the only bi-directional connector, mobile-ready and that enables offline operation both on-cloud and on-premise, designed specifically for the needs of software houses and system integrators.

Thanks to its versatility, GlueSync is ideal both for making your software mobile-ready and for integration with third-party services.

software house

GlueSync allows you to make your software mobile-ready, responding to the growing requests of customers to be able to have the management data even offline and on-the-go.

In this way, what often represents a problem today can instead become a strength and a reason both to upsell existing customers and to acquire new ones.

system integrators

GlueSync overcomes the limits of Microsoft SQL Server and allows you to create your own offline and mobile-ready engine without the need to develop a specific application backend for frontend interface.

To simplify and speed up bidirectional synchronization between applications, it is now finally possible thanks to the innovative connector.

ETL, Replication, & Warehousing

Connect your RDBMS or data warehouse based on MS SQL Server with Couchbase to enable real-time data synchronisation between ERP, CRM and other business applications with you mobile or web apps. To simplify and speed up bidirectional synchronization between applications, it is now finally possible thanks to the GlueSync connector.

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GlueSync is a quick integration connector that does not require new skills or professionalism

A single connector, multiple uses

GlueSync is the ideal solution to meet the needs of those who work on-field, thanks to an offline engine that synchronizes data in a bidirectional way, collects and synchronizes data even in remote areas, takes care of emergencies and receives new planning on time real, thus allowing you to obtain and share live information thus favoring business decisions.

Our connector for Couchbase has already made the operation of maintenance technicians, survey inspectors, agents and many other professions operating on-field easier and more effective. Tell us about your needs, we are sure that GlueSync is the right solution for you!


The high flexibility of GlueSync translates into a pricing answering to your needs.
Available both on premise and on the cloud, for implementation you can now work in complete autonomy or rely on the professional services of MobileBridge or from our partners network, like MOLO17: analysis and implementation, on the job training and training.