Pay as a service & scale as you grow

The first solution in the world to offer a managed service based on Couchbase as Database-as-a-Service (DBAAS)

Cloudservice uses the power of the NoSQL platform offered by Couchbase, which allows you to optimize resources and focus them on application development without having to worry about the management, configuration and maintenance of the database cluster.

Our proposal starts from a paradigm designed by developers for developers, that is, the service is in as-a-service mode with a flexible monthly billing. This allows you to start from the “small” for development needs up to scale for an enterprise-level production environment.


Thanks to Cloudservice, the development team can start the project faster, easily exploit the infrastructure and rely on a 100% reliable system, delegating management in the cloud and thus freeing up resources in terms of people, time and budget.

  • Application-related support
  • Ready to use
  • No upfront payment
  • Scalability
  • Maintenance at our expense
  • You don’t have to train people on the devops or infrastructure operations part

An innovative, tested and reliable solution, validated by Couchbase

MOLO17 is an Advanced Partner certified by Couchbase, which has transformed the needs of the developer to be able to take advantage of Couchbase on the cloud.