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MobileBridge is an innovative startup, part of the The Harbor group, 
specialized in the development of mobile solutions that can be easily integrated
with resource management systems and can also operate offline.
We are focused on the need of companies equipped with integrated management systems,
such as ERP, WFM or CRM, who want to bring a unified operator interface that can be used on the move
in the hands of their workforce or sales force. 

Our goal is to create software solutions that can open new opportunities
for companies by making them more agile to the business context
without impacting the management systems in use.

Our products adapt to customer needs and quickly integrate with existing management solutions, with an open approach that, by disintermediating the relationship with the vendor, allows you to speed up time to market and maximize ROI. Thanks to the use of industry standard technologies, we allow the use of information on the move and in the absence of a network.

MobileBridge Areas of expertise

Manufacturing line MobileBridge

Manufacturing line

Building site MobileBridge

Building site

Industrial assembly MobileBridge

Industrial assembly

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Logo Twinforce MobileBridge


Drive complex processes, such as those of your company, requires a perfectly organized control panel.
Twinforce is a human-friendly digital interface integrated with your ERP systems.

MobileBridge Products

Logo Gluesync MobileBridge

Synchronize data bi-directionally, even offline and from mobile devices, perfect for software houses and system integrators

An innovative connector developed for Couchbase that allows you to replicate data to and from Microsoft SQL Server. This connector natively integrates with database engine of your ERP, MES or CRM without the need for any special software developments and transfers the information to Couchbase in a bidirectional way.

Logo Cloudservice MobileBridge

The solution able to provide a managed service based on Couchbase as DBAAS (Database-as-a-Service)

Pay-as-a-service & scale-as-you-grow.
Let’s leverage the power of the NoSQL platform offered by Couchbase, which allows you to optimize resources and focus them on application development without having to worry about the management, configuration and maintenance of the cluster database.

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Via Maestra Vecchia, 242 | 33084 Cordenons PN

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